3 Tips For Yoga During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and looking for a way to stay active throughout your pregnancy, you may have heard of the benefits of practicing prenatal yoga. Yoga can improve sleep during pregnancy, relieve pregnancy symptoms, and help prepare you for childbirth. However, to get the most of your prenatal yoga, it is important that you practice it safely and regularly. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your prenatal yoga practice. 

Practice Slow Yoga to Get In Touch With Your Body 

There are several different types of yoga. As a pregnant woman, you will most likely want a gentle exercise that does not push you too hard but helps you stretch, build strength, and improve your posture. Some good choices include a basic Hatha class, which focuses on beginning poses, an Iyengar class, which offers plenty of blocks and straps to ensure proper postures, or a restorative class, which uses passive poses. 

You should also opt for a class that offers instruction on various breathing techniques, which can help you during labor, and various methods of meditation, which can help you get rid of pregnancy stress. 

Consider a Prenatal Yoga Class

Many yoga studios offer specific prenatal yoga classes for pregnant women. In these classes, your instructor will likely be more familiar with the restrictions on certain poses during pregnancy and will be able to encourage you to attempt safe, helpful poses. If you have never taken yoga before and want to start practicing while pregnant, you should find a prenatal yoga instructor.

However, if you are currently involved in yoga with an instructor that you like, you should simply inform your instructor that you are pregnant and perhaps attend a one-on-one lesson for some modifications you can use during your classes. 

Practice Yoga Every Day 

Yoga is an excellent exercise choice because it can be adapted to fit your current energy levels. For example, on days when you feel energized you can do more strength-building poses, and on days when you feel lethargic, you can practice more restorative poses.

However, for the most benefit you should get in the habit of practicing yoga each day. You do not have to go to a class every day, but take what you learn from class and practice it at home. You should not try new poses without help from your instructor unless you are experienced with yoga. This will keep you flexible and active throughout your entire pregnancy. To learn more, contact a company like Olson's Martial Arts Academy