Four Tips For Prolonging The Life Of Your Wetsuit

Whether you are a beginner diver or you have been diving for years, a wetsuit is one of the most important parts of your gear. A good wetsuit can cost you up to $500, so you want to make sure it lasts. A wetsuit serves two purposes: insulation and protection. When diving underwater, the water will absorb your body heat. In order to stay warm, you want to insulate your body heat by wearing the common neoprene suit made for divers. While it won't keep you completely dry, it will keep you warm much longer in cooler waters, allowing you to dive longer. Additionally, the wetsuit provides protection from dangers that are lurking in the water. While diving, you may come into contact with some coral. The wetsuit will protect you from getting scratched. To ensure your wetsuit lasts, here are some tips for caring for it. 

Clean the Suit Immediately

As soon as you get out of the water, you want to make sure you take it off and clean it. Rinsing it off with cold water can help remove salt, sand, and vegetable matter that has accumulated on the suit. If you leave the salt on the suit, it will crystallize and damage the exterior of the suit. 

Dry the Suit Inside Out

Once you have rinsed the suit off completely, you then want to hang the suit to air dry. Drying it inside out will allow the inner part of the suit to dry faster. This is beneficial in that at least the inner part of the suit will be dry if the suit is not completely dry when you go to use it again. Additionally, this helps to protect the flexibility of the outer part of the suit, which is the most important. 

Avoid Hot Temperatures

Whether you are rinsing the suit off or you are laying it out to dry, you want to make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight or hot water. High temperatures can breakdown the neoprene molecules of the suit along with the elasticity. This makes the suit brittle and hard. When drying it, you want to keep it inside hanging up to avoid direct UV exposure. 

Store it Properly

If you plan to hang your suit for storage or to allow it to dry, do not use a regular clothes hanger. This will stretch the suit and cause permanent creases. Instead, use a broad hanger that is designed specifically for wetsuits. This will help keep it in the right form without breaking down the composition of the suit. 

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