Reasons To Use An Ash Scattering Tube

There are many things that you'll want to meticulously think about when you begin to plan an ash scattering ceremony following the passing of a family member. It's important to consider where you'll scatter the ashes, who will take part in this sacred ceremony, and more. Another thing to decide is what the ashes will be in when you scatter them. While you might think of using an urn or other receptacle, a better option is an ash-scattering tube. You can buy this device online, and you'll likely find that using it offers several advantages. Here are three reasons to use a scattering tube.

Small Opening

One of the biggest reasons people use a scattering tube is that the small opening at the end of this device allows you to scatter the ashes in a controlled manner. Larger receptacles don't always make this easy. For example, if you have an urn, it will likely have a fairly large opening. This can sometimes cause the majority of the ashes to fall out in one clump, which won't create the look that you want. Additionally, if you plan on having several family members scatter a small portion of the ashes, an urn may become empty before every person even has a chance to take part in scattering the ashes. The small opening of a scattering tube prevents these issues while giving everyone the opportunity to take part.

Easier To Hold

Although scattering tubes can vary a little in design, they tend to be lightweight and narrow. This makes them easier to hold than other receptacles that can sometimes have cremation ashes. A large urn, for example, can be heavy. This can make it awkward for a child to hold. If you're planning to have one or more children involved in the ash scattering, a scattering tube will be more manageable for small hands. It will also be easy to pass the tube from person to person during the ceremony.

Visual Appeal

When you pick up the ashes at your funeral home, they can come in different receptacles. Unless you specifically pay for an urn, the ashes will often be in a plastic container. This receptacle lacks visual appeal to include in your ash scattering ceremony. A scattering tube, meanwhile, will offer a classy and subtle level of style that will look more appropriate during this solemn occasion. Look online to learn more about scattering tubes.