Getting The Best Ammunition For Your Firearm And Shooting Scenario

Purchasing ammunition for any firearm you own does not have to be complicated, but there are some things you need to consider. The best 9mm ammo for your gun may take some trial and error to figure out, and not every brand will fit your needs. 

Ammunition Performance

When considering 9mm ammo for your firearms, it is good to try a few different types and brands. Each gun feeds ammo through the chamber and magazine differently, so you may find one brand that works well and is less prone to hang fires, misfeeds, or jams. 

The firearm manufacturer works hard to ensure the ramp into the chamber is smooth, and ammo feeds through efficiently. Manufacturing variations can affect the ammo from one manufacturer and the way it slides through a firearm. The best way to determine the best 9mm ammo for your gun is to buy a box of several different brands and then go to the range and try them.

Keep track of how many jams or partial feeds you have with each ammo. Try single slow shots, rapid magazine dumps, and intermediate shooting speeds, and once you have finished, you will have some idea of how each ammunition performed. Sometimes the name brands are best, but other times a lesser know ammo brand may work well for you.

Ammunition Type 

As you consider the 9mm ammo you are buying, it is vital to think about how you will use it. Handguns and firearms used in self-defense need ammunition that will deliver a large amount of energy on impact to stop an assailant. 

Hollow-point ammunition typically does the best job of delivering energy to the target and then fragmenting so that it does not hit people or things around it. Within the 9mm ammo hollow point genre, there are many different designs that offer varying properties. So if you have decided that is what you need, there is still some testing you can do to work out which type is best for your firearm.

Keep in mind some states do have restrictions surrounding ammunition and what you can use in your gun. You may be able to mail order something not available in your state, but if you use it, you could find yourself having to answer for why you have it in your possession. 

Old Ammunition

All 9mm ammo has a lifespan, and for most modern types, you can store it for ten or more years. However, old ammunition can begin to break down and lose some power from the gunpowder inside the casing. 

If you find 9mm ammo older than a decade or so, it is better to avoid it as it may be prone to misfires that could be problematic to clean from the weapon.