3 Tips For New Sailboat Charter Passengers

Whether you are chartering a sailboat off the shores of the United States or some remote destination around the world, there are many things you need to know to get the most out of the experience.

These three tips from previous sailboat charter passengers will help. 

Tip: There are a Few Absolutely Necessary Items to Bring Sailing

Planning ahead and bringing along the right items for your sailboat charter will result in a more comfortable and rewarding experience.

For example, your day on the sea might start out cold and windy but turn very hot later in the day. If you don't have the proper clothing for both climates, then you will be uncomfortable. You really don't want your memories of the day to be about the time you froze or baked in the sun on a sailboat.

In addition to climate-appropriate clothing, it's important you bring each of the following items sailing:

  • Deck-friendly shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat

If you plan to have some downtime during your charter, you might also want to bring along a book to read.

Tip: Respect the Unique Superstitions of Sailing

While there are many different superstitions related to boats and sailing that you may not be able to abide by, such as not sailing on Fridays or when the morning has a red sky, take care to avoid those that you can. Some of the most common are:

  • never bring bananas on board a sailboat.
  • avoid saying "goodbye" before sailing.
  • don't whistle while sailing on a sailboat.

Lastly, you should always ensure your right foot is the first to touch the boat when boarding. 

While these things may seem silly to you, it is always advisable to show your respect to those who sail for a living and abide by them for your trip. It takes very little effort on your part but shows great respect in return.

Tip: A Gratuity for the Captain and Crew is Standard Practice and Expected

Just as you are expected to tip when having a meal in a sit-down restaurant, so too are you expected to pay a gratuity to the captain and crew on a chartered sailboat.

As the person chartering the sailboat, you are expected to tip those whose job it is to see to your needs and the needs of those in your party. The gratuity amount should be about the same as you would tip in a nice restaurant. 

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