Ensure That Your Hooks Are Sharp When You Fish For Salmon

The days that lead up to a salmon fishing outing can be filled with excitement as you imagine hauling in "the big one" and having someone take your photo with it. As you prepare for the outing, one of the things that you'll first want to do is ensure that your hooks are sharp. Sharp hooks are extremely important when you're pursuing salmon. These fish have durable skin and can put up a major fight — which means that you want to be confident that your hook will stay in place. Here are some things to know about sharpening your hooks for salmon fishing.

Signs Of Dullness

You'll want to know if the hooks that you plan to use when you fish for salmon are sharp enough to get the job done. Of course, it's inadvisable to check their sharpness with your finger as this could lead to an injury. Think about your recent use of the hooks that you plan to use. For example, if you can recall getting a hook caught in a stump and having to pull hard to remove it, there's a good chance that this hook will be a little dull. You can also closely inspect your hooks with a magnifying glass to see how sharp they look. If a hook doesn't come to a sharp point, it may be too dull to effectively catch salmon.

How To Sharpen

While you can always replace any hooks that are dull, you might enjoy sharpening them in advance of your salmon fishing outing. To get the job done, you'll want to buy a sharpening file. You can find this simple device at any fishing tackle store or from many online retailers. Your sharpening file will come with specific instructions about how to use it, but the process is relatively simple. You'll want to hold the file in one hand and your hook in the other, and gently slide the latter along the former. Often, you'll be able to see that the hook is looking sharper.

Safe Storage

Once your fishing hooks are extremely sharp, you want to pack them carefully for your salmon fishing outing. The last thing that you want is to poke yourself by accident. Keeping them in a tackle box or other small storage box that you can fit in your fishing vest will keep the hooks out of harm's way and make them easy to retrieve when you're ready to start fishing.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a salmon fishing charter near you.