Surfing Lessons Are Better With A Group

So many people dream of learning how to surf. If you have this dream, you might be tempted to go sign up for some private surfing lessons. There would be nothing wrong with this approach. If you attend enough private lessons, you will learn how to surf, and probably quite well. However, there is a different approach you may want to consider: attending group surf lessons. Surfing is something that can be best to learn in a group. Here are a few advantages of learning to surf alongside other students.

1. You can learn by watching others.

When you're learning to surf, so much of your success depends on your body position. It can be hard to tell where your own body is and exactly how it is moving when you're also so focused on the water. When you learn to surf in a group, you can watch others move and listen to what the surf instructor says to them. For example, you may see someone leaning too far forward and hear the instructor tell them to lean back more. This way, you'll be more aware of your own body when you might be leaning too far forward, too. This is a learning method you simply cannot employ if you were to take surfing lessons alone.

2. You'll get more time in the water.

Often when you take a group surfing lesson, the instructor spends a little individual time with each student. During this time, you are still learning and spending time in the water, even when you're not the one the instructor is focusing on. You can get a little more practice paddling around, and you can watch and learn from the other students. In other words, you'll get more from a 60-minute group lesson than from a 30-minute private one, even though not all 60 minutes are focused on you.

3. You'll make friends.

Surfing is a social sport. If you decide to move forward and pursue surfing more seriously, you'll want to have some friends who are into it, too. Taking lessons with a group lets you form those friendships. Plus, your friends will be at a similar level to you, so you can easily go surfing together without worrying about being able to keep up.

Learning to surf with a group gives you more opportunities to watch and learn, and it is a great way to make friends. Look for group surfing lessons near you, and sign up soon.