3 Benefits Of Owning A Motorcycle That You May Not Have Thought Of

Yes, owning a motorcycle is pretty cool. How a motorcycle looks and how it makes you feel are both a large part of why many people decide to head to their local motorcycle dealer to get their very own bike. That said, there is also a stigma out there when it comes to motorcycles: the idea that they are more dangerous to drive than a car. While there may be some truth to that, what those naysayers might not realize is that there are also numerous other benefits to owning a motorcycle that they may not have thought of. If you're getting resistance from a friend or loved one on the idea of buying a bike, here are a few things you can tell them.

Motorcycles Are Less Expensive Than Cars

It's all relative to what kind of bike and what kind of car you are looking at, of course, but in general, the average new motorcycle is going to be much less expensive than the average new car. If you are going to make the motorcycle your only vehicle and sell off or trade in your existing car, there's even a chance you could make money on the deal. Also, keep in mind that motorcycles can be very fuel efficient, some of them getting 50 or 60 miles per gallon. This could also keep a lot of extra money in your pocket when fuel prices start to rise in your neck of the woods.

Much Easier to Park

If you live within the city confines or somewhere else where you always have to battle it out for on-street parking with other motorists, a motorcycle could really change your outlook on the situation. Motorcycles obviously take up a lot less room than the typical car and it could be much easier to find a spot to squeeze your wheels into when compared to trying to parallel park with a car.

A Motorcycle Could Actually Be Safer in Some Cases

While making an impact with another vehicle while on a motorcycle is obviously dangerous, one thing you often don't hear when discussing motorcycle accidents is how motorcycles can actually help you maneuver out of harm's way much more quickly than you can with a car. If you see another vehicle coming at you, a quick swerve to the left or right might be able to save you. The chances of that working with a car are much slimmer because the maneuverability just isn't as high and there's also a much bigger target for the other vehicle to hit.

Motorcycles are great fun but they can also make sense for a lot of other reasons. Motorcycles, in general, are less expensive to purchase and maintain than a regular car. Owning a bike can be a Godsend when dealing with urban parking, and a motorcycle may also be able to maneuver you out of trouble quickly if something goes wrong out on the road.

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