Feeling Down? 2 Ways Outdoor Activities Can Help You Feel Better

If you are feeling a little down and out these days, you should get some outdoor recreation. This can help you feel much better, and it can give you something to look forward to. Below are two benefits of outdoor recreation, as well as some tips on things you should consider doing.

Frees Your Mind

Getting outside and doing something exciting can help ease any stress you may be feeling due to being down and out. Things like mountain biking, hiking, playing sports, and more, can not only give you some great exercise, but can actually make you happier. When you exercise your body releases endorphins, which trigger positive feelings in your body, and can help you with any pain you may be feeling. You may have heard a runner say they get a runner's high when they finish a run. This is actually true, as they do feel high due to the endorphins. Doing something you love doing is also important, as it can help you enjoy it even more. 

Gets You in Shape

You can get in shape while you are having a good time. Simply getting out of the house and moving is good for you.  If you choose strenuous activities, such as biking or hiking, you can get a great workout. Get together with a few friends and play a game of basketball. Running back and forth across the court can get your heart thumping, and help you get fit and lose weight, if needed. Get together a baseball or softball team and play a game each week. Soccer is also another great sport to play to get in shape and help you feel better.

Recreational Activities

There are many recreational activities that you can do, such as going canoeing, climbing a rock wall, or just walking around your town sightseeing.  If you live near an ocean, take a large boat out on the water and go dolphin or whale watching (with tour groups like Orca Enterprises LLC). It can be invigorating watching these large majestic animals in their natural habitat. The dolphins may even come up to the boat and try to talk to you, and let you pet them. Get your heart racing by going bungee jumping, or visit a local amusement park and ride the roller coaster that goes upside down and down steep hills.

Talk with your family about things they would like to do for some recreational outdoor activities. Make a list so you can choose one for each weekend.