Batter Up! Three Tips To Help Student Athletes Quicken Their Baseball Swing

If there's one area of a baseball swing that's crucial to success, it's speed. Speeding up your swing will not only improve the distance, but the quality of your hits. Fortunately, there are things you can do to quicken your swing. Like with almost any sport, it's a little physicality, a little practice, and a little mental preparation. Here's a look at three ways to have a faster baseball swing.

Tip #1: Exercise

It doesn't matter what sort of technique you have if you don't have the body to back it up. At the core of a fast swing is your muscles. But you don't necessarily want to focus solely on strength. Focus on certain muscle groups to produce more velocity in your swing. You'll want to build strength in your legs, because legs let the abs and upper body twist more quickly (creating bat speed), and your stomach, which helps continue that momentum. Do squats, leg presses, and calf raises for your legs, and sit-ups, seated twists, and crunches for your stomach.

Tip #2: Swing differently weighted bats

There's a reason you sometimes see professionals swinging several styles of bats. Use a bat that's lighter than what you normally use, and you can focus on your technique. Repetition here can help create muscle memory that carries over to your regularly weighted bat. Use a bat that's heavier than what you normally use, and your body will start to adapt to the added weight. When you drop down to your regular bat, it'll feel much lighter, and you'll be able to swing much more quickly.

Tip #3: Focus on mechanics

Famed baseball player Yogi Berra once quipped that "90% of the game is half mental." It may not be 90%, but a large part of baseball is mental. To help quicken your swing, you're going to need to study a little. Video yourself, and watch for extra movements that may be slowing down your swing. Watch a professional game, and notice where your elbows, shoulders, knees, and bat are in relation. Slow down the video of your swing, and compare it. Almost every great baseball player emulates parts of their game after someone else.

If you take these three elements into account and put work into them, you'll likely be on your way to a much faster swing. You might even improve your game to the point that you want to extend your season beyond high school. If you're looking for some more time of the field, you might want to consider a travel baseball team. There's a good chance that if you're around elite players, there's a lot you can learn from them!