A Closer Look At 3 Types Of Archery Bows And Their Uses

Whether you enjoy the age old recreational sport of archery target shooting or are the occasional hunter, the bow that you use will say a lot about just what you can accomplish. The three basic types of bows that are used in archery differ in ways that are vast, and each bow offers a different set of benefits and features. Here is a closer look at the three different bow forms and how each can be best put to use.

The Crossbow

The crossbow is one of the more unique bow designs. Instead of being held in a vertical position and requiring two hands for operation, this bow has a single-handed operation and is typically held at a horizontal slant. The crossbow is regulated in many places because it is widely viewed as a dangerous weapon. The invention of the crossbow allowed for soldiers to use one hand to stablize themselves while in battle, which was not a possibility with the longbow. Further, the crossbow allowed for faster aim and shooting. Today, the crossbow is mainly used for hunting purposes.


The longbow of archery is the traditional bow design that has been in use for hundreds of years throughout history. This traditional bow is often used in archery competitions, as it provides a tool that requires more skill and dexterity to properly use. Longbows are a usually several feet in length and made from a simple curved piece of wood and a single mounted string with just enough tension to provide force to an arrow when shooting.

Compound Bows

Of all of the different types of bows used for archery purposes, the compound bow is perhaps the most readily accepted in modern hunting. The dual stranded design of this bow provides for a high velocity reaction that is powerful enough to push an arrow for long distances at a high rate of speed.  The average compound bow is only about few feet in length, boasts simple to use sights, and the various weight classes make it possible for even the inexperienced bow user to find a compound bow they can operate.

It does not matter if you have been involved in the sport of archery for a long tome or you are just getting started, knowing what type of bow will work best for each purpose is the best way to be successful in this sport. While some bows can serve various purposes, each design is more widely associated with a certain aspect of archery as a recreational sport. For more information, visit sites like http://www.wilcoxbaitandtackle.com/.